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Born in Newton abbott, Devon, I first worked in Point studios in 1982. By 1984 I was producing Savage Progress, a mixture of folk, ethnic and dark sounds( 300,000 sales in Germany)
By 1985 I was working in paradise studios, Europe's first totally computerised studio.
I met Coil around then and proceeded to supply some noise on the fairlight 2 for various early projects before doing a whole host on the Horse rotavator album .

Coil taught me to enjoy noise creation again, and this led to working with Psychic tv and a whole bunch of noise pioneers. In 1989 I got one of the first UK Akai S1000 samplers
1990 I was co producing coil along with programming/ remixing on a vast amount of rave things .
At this time I remixed Monsoons "Ever so lonely", Adamskis "Killer", Hypnotone and the Flowmasters "Let it take control"
met some interesting characters like adamski, but on the whole the Highlight of this period was Co producing/ writing on Loves secret domain , a session I wish was captured on Video tape, How to make a record the easy way-No, How to have fun- Yes!!! My work co-producing Pop will eat itself -led to a stint in Madrid Producing/mixing fangoria for EMI Madrid .

Then followed the COIL/Remix period, where we Remixed NineInchNails , Depeche and Various other things in our Dark style .

Created the crazy Chopped vocal for " gave up" using a technique which I'm still asked HOW? - so ludicrous I'll keep it to myself

Some of my writing at this period was " first dark ride" and "nasa arab" .
We also wrote baby food, Stolen and contaminated songs and The first elph/eskaton projects .

Also Invited with coil to write on Derek Jarman's film Blue where we wrote a tune of melting disco

In 1995 I re processed the BLD songs and while mixing at my home studio came up with the filtered/re sampled sound used on the album,
That is what you hear all over Red skeletons, stone Circular .

In 1996 we Traveled over to Trent Reznors studio in New Orleans to complete the long awaited " backwards " album for Coil.

Once finished I proceeded to Complete my project " sub sonic Commune", which I finished in 1998, to be followed by a couple of years fighting the Publisher for my advance.

I then took a much needed break working in Music till 2002 when re acquainted with coil I proceeded to Write Unearthly red with Peter Christopherson.

Mixing " Remote viewer" also took place at this time.

Then I entered the phase of beginning the album " a Nature of Nonsense" also worth a listen is sensimilla dreams album

Spent some time in asia where Christophersson (R.I.P) and I wrote music for Black antlers, absinthe, remote viewer update and threshold house boys choir and some programming for what became X-TG desertshore--( see clip on Blog page )

-- And the Tracks that became ESA-moons milk in final phase

When in the UK completed the Svay Pak project










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