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Svay Pak

Consistently idiosyncratic, Danny Hyde’s Aural Rage returns with an EP of acidic pop where he combines his trademark production with what could easily be considered mainstream vocals. This is easily the most consistent of his Aural Rage releases, relying less on recycling old samples and ideas by putting greater emphasis on melody and accessibility. Despite Hyde’s focus on approachability, this is still wonderfully mad music reflecting his standpoint between the mainstream and the underground.   ----

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HI Danny,
Just got back from a week in France and the wonderful art edition of Svay Pak was there waiting for me. I’m looking forward to spinning it up and having a listen. The disc looks great by the way, thank you for that
Mark Stevens- buyer

Hello Danny -
I have indeed received my art edition of Svay Pak, #60 to be precise. It exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Since I ripped it to MP3 on the day of arrival I have been playing it daily.
Many thanks,
-Fredrik -buyer

Hi Danny,
Thought I'd give you a bit of feedback about the Svay Pak cd.
"Sky Control" is one of the best songs I've heard in years and I really mean that. I haven't had a song on repeat since I was a teenager; as soon as it finishes I put it back on again.
Anyway Danny, hope you're well; love the cd
Andrew Dewar Ainslie.--buyer




Nature of Nonsense

"Great to hear some genuine talent Your undoubtedly crazy but cool
what I really like about it is the no compromise straight from the heart deal."
-Chris Cowie (Dj Supremo)
-after hearing the mp3 snippets

"I'm VERY impressed, what a fantastic album... I'm sure it will be in my
2005 top 10" -Roel Kruize -boudisque.records Amsterdam on receiving the first batch

'A Nature of Nonsense' is a fantastic album, wonderfully achieved.
It's playing on repeat ever since the postman delivered it,
here at the Golden Room. -Massimo-black sun production


In the Aural Rage universe nothing is sacred, indeed the slaughtering of cows, holy and otherwise is positively and perversely encouraged.
Here the vocoderized voice of Prof Stephen Hawking calmly extrapolates on the universal nature of hard-ons and their relation to the cosmological Milky Way. Eraserhead's Lady in the Radiator sings a soft and sweet finale as an aftertaste to a clinically vivid description of an auto-castration.
Banjos, fiddles and the mesmerizingly clueless voice of George W. Bush nestle perversely amid electro squalls, radar waves, sonoric whistles
and the nocturnal fluttering of batwings.
While elsewhere the delicate resonance of Spanish guitars and brushed drums accompany the languidly soulful voice of Joanna De Seyne as she pleas for an
incestuous understanding amongst all the merry madness
-Anarcadian Disinformation magazine

Hear Mp3 Snippets here